Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Last Sunday our church family had the opportunity to affirm three men’s calling into full-time Christian ministry. What a moving experience it was! Johnny Rumbough, Lexington Baptist Association’s Director of Missions indicated to our people at the close of the service that he had attended many ordination services, but that this was his first experience seeing as many as three ordained in the same service. Our people exploded with applause when he made those comments.

We have much to be grateful for. One of my ongoing prayers is that God will raise up men and women who sense His calling into full-time Christian ministry. We have a number of young men and women who are sensing that tug right now. Let’s pray for them.

Of course, the service was extra meaningful for me in that my oldest son was one of the men being ordained. Most of you know much of his story with years of drug and alcohol addiction. There were times during those years that my prayer was, “Lord, please spare his life and please don’t let him hurt anyone.” My, what a difference now as I kneeled beside him Sunday night and prayed, “Lord, expand his territory. Use him to win many souls to Jesus.” (I know God heard my prayer. I was so emotionally choked up, I don’t know if Kenny deciphered it or not.)

Rick, James, and Kenny are tremendous assets to Chapin Baptist Church and to God’s kingdom. Pray for Rick as he establishes himself in his new career as our Church Administrator/Associate Pastor. Pray for James as he begins the married life and clarifies the specifics of God’s calling. And pray for Kenny as he continues his education next fall and clarifies the specifics of his call. For all three, pray that God’s anointing will be on them and that He will use them to lead many people to faith in Christ and many believers to a deeper walk with Christ.

Some have asked questions about the details of ordination. Who, why, credentials, etc.? I feel another blog coming on to answer these questions.

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ls said...

I agree that the ordination service was awesome. It was humbling to watch men's lives change as they follow the call of God. Great service, I'm glad I attended.