Thursday, June 14, 2007


One of the blogs I follow reported on a documentary by CNBC on the value that Wal-Mart places on every American family. Wal-Mart places a high value on customer satisfaction and rightly so if their data is accurate.

Wal-Mart has crunched the numbers and has determined that if they lose a customer for whatever reason—lines too long, unfriendly workers, etc.—the company stands to lose $215,000. So if I get mad and don’t return to Wal-Mart, they figure they have lost $215,000 of would-be revenue over my lifetime. Wow! That’s a bunch of money. But so far, no matter how many times I say I’m never going back, no matter where I am in the United States, most likely my family will find its way to a Wal-Mart.

If Wal-Mart places a $215,000 value on your life, how much do you think a human soul is worth? Can you place a dollar value one human being? Every person in the Chapin area represents someone for whom Jesus died. Do you view people with that perspective? It’s easy in church to get so caught up in worship styles, by-laws, thermostat controls, and our own personal needs, that we forget the people in the community who so desperately need Jesus Christ.

Every Sunday, people walk through our doors for the very first time. Will they return for a second time? That depends on how we value them when they come the first time. People are seeking help and hope for the difficult issues in life they are facing. So, this Sunday, take a look around you in the worship center. Every person there is one for whom Jesus sacrificed His life. That fact certainly represents a higher value than $215,000. This Sunday, find someone new. Shower them with love and affirmation.

You can find almost anything in Wal-Mart—fishing gear, greeting cards, suntan lotion, and beef jerky—all sold at a profit for this giant corporation. Because of what Jesus did on the cross, at Chapin Baptist Church people can find salvation and eternal life—all for free. Shouldn’t we place more value on a soul than Wal-Mart?

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