Tuesday, July 24, 2007


"How was your vacation?" My typical response to that question is, "I don't recall ever having a bad one." Our family decided to do something beyond the usual for this summer's vacation. We traveled to Destin, Florida, where we are spending the week. Outside of Kevin, none of us have been here before. It's a beautiful place.

There's good news and bad news about the beautiful clear ocean waters of the gulf. The good news is that you can see everything in the water from top to bottom. The bad news is that you can see everything in the water from top to bottom. Anita and I freaked out when a school of thousands of fish (not minnows) swam right past us.

This has been a special vacation for us. It's us five plus Jamie and Erin and Duck (Metts (I'm going to court to get Duck's last name changed to Kelly--of course Clint and Pam would probably do the same thing with Tyler). What a joy it is to spend some time with our future daughters-in-law. They get more super as each day passes. Kenny and Kevin hit the jackpot with them.

Outside of the great time with family, summer vacation is a time when I can do some catch-up on reading. My reads this week will include Comeback Churches, Seven Things Every Leader Must Do, The Dip, Holy Discontent, and my Grisham fun read for the week An Innocent Man. I might not get to them all, but I'm going for it (three of them are small books).

I've already got wind that Rick Jones did a great job preaching last Sunday. Our church is filled with great preachers in Rick, Steven, Philip, James, and Kenny. We're blessed to have them on staff.

That's it for now. I think we're hitting the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner this evening. I just love those hour-long restaurant waits (about as much as I enjoyed the long drive to Destin).

See you Sunday!

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