Thursday, August 16, 2007


Here are some learnings from my recent readings through the Gospel of John.

  • In Genesis God speaks the world into existence. In John God speaks salvation into existence. God's Word takes on human form.
  • It still amazes me to ponder that the manger baby was God.
  • I love the Message Bible rendering of 1:14--"The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood."
  • If Jesus forgives the sins of the world, why don't we proclaim it more?
  • Jesus knows me inside out, warts and all. I can't fool him.
  • Without life transformation ("born again") we will never see the kingdom of God.
  • Even in Jesus' day, believers were "church hopping"--from John to Jesus.
  • One sinful woman gave her life to Jesus. She was willing to tell her story. And a whole community was reached.
  • Jesus did only what the Father asked. Shouldn't the same be true for me?
  • Jesus had to get alone sometimes.
  • I want my life to be completely aligned with God.
  • Jesus never allowed the pressures of the crowds, family, or followers deter Him from His mission.
  • Jesus didn't mind standing up to His critics.
  • Religious leaders were always getting sidetracked with non-essential issues and minimized the main thing--transformed lives.
  • Jesus spent a lot of time with just a handful of followers--even when the crowds were demanding more time with Him.
  • Jesus' washing the disciples' feet forever begs the question--How can I serve?
  • God expects fruit-bearing. If you're not bearing fruit, chances are you are not connected to the Vine.
  • What a joy it is to serve the One who has already conquered the world.
  • In His prayer in chapter 17, Jesus clarified the mission of the church and how important it is for the church to be unified so that the mission can be accomplished.
  • If I had been Peter, would I have denied that I ever knew Jesus?
  • It is amazing how many prophecies were fulfilled on the day Jesus died.
  • The resurrection separates Christianity from all other religions. You cannot accept the resurrection as true and at the same time not believe that He is the only way to God.
  • John talks about many other signs Jesus performed--wouldn't you like to know, say, at least a dozen more?
  • What John wrote in his gospel is reliable and accurate.

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