Friday, August 10, 2007


I'm with around 20 of our church members in Charlotte attending the annual Leadership Summit hosted by Willow Creek Church. The conference is view by tens of thousands of people each year in numerous spots around the country and world. The Summit is one of the highlights of my year. I always enjoy hanging out with our members in settings that challenge us to move outside the box for the kingdom. Here are some highlights from Thursday's sessions.

Bill Hybels:

Bill "brought it home" in the opening message called "A Vision to Die For."

  • Nothing matters more than ownership of a vision. The most compelling vision is worthless unless it is owned. The vision must not just be big and bold; it must be owned.
  • From John 10--there is a huge difference between how hired hands care for the sheep versus how owners care for the sheep. Am I a hired hand or owner?
  • Am I willing to die for the vision God has given me for Chapin Baptist?
  • He talked about the three stages of vision: vision formation, vision refined, and vision declaration
  • Vision formation--not the Moses on Sinai kind of vision. Instead, team approach is needed. It is important to gather key leaders and ask the question: What does God want our church to look like five years from now?
  • Once the leader gets a glimpse of God's vision, he should take the first draft form to key groups in the church and say, "This is just a draft. What excites you? What scares you?" And then listen.
  • Through PROCESS the leader then tests his vision message to the key leaders of the church to make sure that it is a compelling message. Then he stands before the people and says, "This is what the senior leaders of our church think our church should look like in the next few years.
  • The singlemost important factor for people buying into vision is the level to which you own it. If they know you will sacrifice to see it fulfilled, then they will also.
  • People won't follow a hireling.

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