Sunday, September 9, 2007


Here are some gleanings from my recent journey through the book of Deuteronomy.

  • Did you know the book of Deuteronomy is a sermon? One long sermon, huh? And then the preacher dies after he preaches it.

  • Moses took the same message from God that was revealed to him 40 years earlier and re-told it in his contemporary context. That's the challenge for every preacher.

  • The covenant between God and the people was very clear--Here's what I've done for you, here's what you need to do, and here are the blessings if you do what I ask you to do.

  • Parents MUST teach their children and grandchildren the ways of God.

  • If you're serious about finding God, you will find him--if you seek Him with your whole heart.

  • Obedience to God and long life are directly proportional.

  • To teach children effectively, the truths must be in our own hearts first.

  • I've done nothing that has attracted God to me--it's all grace.

  • When material blessings abound, there is the danger of forgetting God.

  • To conquer new territory, God must cross the river first.

  • When we conquer new territory, it's all God and not us.

  • God's rules for life are simple. Obey and you'll be blessed. Disobey and you'll be cursed.

  • God doesn't like for anything to interfere with worship.

  • Tithes are to be brought to the place of worship.

  • God has a heart for the poor and expects His people to be generous to the poor.

  • God frowned on any sacrifice that had defects.

  • Engage the culture but don't get assimilated into the culture.

  • Eye for an eye--thank God that Jesus came to fulfill the law.

  • God promises to fight our battles.

  • Remember the story in the Gospels about the woman caught in adultery? In Deut. the man and the woman were put to death.

  • Keep all vows you make to God.

  • Be quiet. Listen. God still speaks.

  • The kind of commitment God expects: "Nothing half-hearted here; you must return to God, your God, totally, heart and soul, holding nothing back." (30:10, Msg)

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