Thursday, September 27, 2007


In earlier blogs I have shared my passion and prayers that we would burst through our existing attendance barriers. I am praying that in the coming months we will be breaking these barriers and be moving past the 1,000 mark in weeky attendance. I'm not ashamed at all to talk about numbers because I believe God is interested in numbers. Each number represents people for whom Jesus gave His life. The more people we can bring to Christ, the bigger the kingdom becomes. I want every person in Chapin area to be in heaven with me.

In my recent blog I shared some insights from the book of Acts. Let me share a few additional nuggets from Acts that might answer the question, "Is God interested in numbers?"

  • 1:15--120 were in the upper room praying
  • 2:41--3,000 were baptized
  • 2:47--The Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.
  • 4:4--The number grew to about 5,000.
  • 5:14--More and more men and women believed in the Lord and were added to their number.
  • 5:16--Crowds were coming
  • 6:1--The number of disciples was increasing.
  • 6:7--The number of disciples increased rapidly.
  • 8:1-4--Churches were multiplied.
  • 8:12 (Msg)--People were becoming believers right and left.
  • 9:31--The church grew in numbers.
  • 9:42--Many people believed in the Lord.
  • 11:21--A great number of people believed and turned to the Lord.
  • 11:24--A great number of people were brought to the Lord.
  • 11:26--Paul and Barnabas taught great numbers of people.
  • 12:24 (Msg)--The ministry of God's Word spread by leaps and bounds.
  • 13:49--The word of the Lord spread through the whole region.
  • 14:21--They won a large number of disciples.
  • 16:5--The churches grew daily in numbers.
  • 17:12--Many of the Jews believed, as did also a number of prominent Greek women and many Greek men.
  • 18:8--Many of the Corinthians believed and were baptized.
  • 19:10--All who dwelt in Asia heard the Word.
  • 21:20--Thousands of Jews believed.

Is God interested in numbers? You tell me. The good news is that the Holy Spirit who moved in the book of Acts is the same Holy Spirit who changes lives today. Think growth. Pray for growth. Pray for many to come to Christ.

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