Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Lame" Leadership

One of my favorite leadership books is John Maxwell's The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. In fact, Maxwell has probably helped shaped my leadership more than anyone else. I just read recently that his book has been revised and updated. It is my understanding that a few of the laws have been chunked and a few added. So much for "irrefutable" huh?

Recently I came across an online parody of Maxwell's book. It's called "The 31 Refutably Irrefutable Laws of Lame Leadership" by Johnny Leckie. It's a great and quick read and filled with humorous truth.

Let me give you a few of his entries to whet your appetite.

Law 2 is the Law of the Stone Tablets: "Never change the plan. Even if it's not working. In fact, if it's not working, keep at it. Do it harder. do more of it. Tell yourself that eventually it will produce a result that achieves the vision."

Law 5 is the Law of the Scorched Pan: "Let problems and conflicts simmer. Do not deal with them quickly. Allow them to stay in the 'crock pot' until their aroma fills the room. Tell yourself that if you 'nip it in the bud,' you'll miss the bouquet."

Law 9 is the Law of the Last Minute: "Consistently come up with brilliant ideas at the last minute and get your team to implement them for the 'sake of the vision.' Call it 'doing whatever it takes.' Do this regularly. Do it with dumb ideas also."

Law 16 is the Law of the Blank Stare: "Never make decisions. Do not be proactive. Wait for things to work themselves out on their own. Eventually react to whatever happens."

Law 27 is the Law of the Sinking Ship: "Never retreat and regroup. Go down with the ship. Take many people down with you. Have the 'at least we tried' mentality rather than the 'find a new ship or course' mentality in relation to the goals and health of the organization you are leading."

If you want to read the other laws, here is the link:

Speaking of leadership, what are you doing to become a more effective leader? What are you reading? Who are you equipping? Are you letting God transform your life?

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1 comment:

Johnny Leckie said...

Hi, Pastor Ken,

I stumbled upon your nice review of my ebook and wanted to say thanks for the kind words!

Striving to "not be lame" as a leader is a constant challenge, and I still haven't gotten it down pat!

Thanks for passing the ebook along, and keep up the good work in Chapin!

God bless,

Johnny Leckie