Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This year’s Catalyst Conference in Atlanta was jammed up with great, well-known speakers. Check out my Sunday’s blog for a capsule of some of the other speakers.

Rick Warren
Rick’s influence for the kingdom is astounding. God is using this man to reach every corner of this world with the simple message of the gospel. I always enjoy hearing him share his story and cast vision in such profound yet simple terms.

If you want God’s anointing and blessing, you have to get with God’s agenda. His agenda is summed up in one word: Kingdom.

Stop asking God to bless you. Instead, ask Him to let you in on what He is blessing.

We should not be interested in changing culture. We should be interested in creating culture.

He took the story of Moses’ staff turning into a snake. The staff represented his identity (shepherd). It represented his income and possessions. It represented his influence (moving sheep). Experiencing God’s miracle was all about surrender. The staff came alive only when he turned it loose. From that moment on it was never called Moses’ staff. It was called the rod of God.

We are living in an era of a new reformation. The last reformation took place under Martin Luther 500 years ago. It was a reformation of creeds. The new one is a reformation of deeds. The old one was a reformation of beliefs. The new one is a reformation of behavior.

Unfortunately, the hands and the feet of the church have been amputated and all that is left is the mouth. (Ouch! He’s referring to the fact that the only thing the world sees the church doing is running its mouth about what it is against.)

Rick vision consists of five components. He calls them five global goliaths. He devotes his ministry to equipping Saddleback and churches around the world to tackle the world’s five most desperate problems (spiritual emptiness, corrupt leadership, poverty, preventable diseases, illiteracy).

John Maxwell
No one has helped me more in the arena of leadership than John Maxwell. God has given him a platform of helping the world’s top leaders understand that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing in the world. Maxwell, whose vision helped start Catalyst, was honored at this year’s conference.

As he gets older, he learns more how important it is to trust God more and to trust self less.

His one primary message to young leaders: Intentionally add value to people everyday.

The greatest sin of the leader is to put self first.

If you don’t add value, you’re subtracting value (sucking life from people)

4 ways to add value to people
You must value people (if you don’t value, you de-value)
Make yourself more valuable—keep growing and developing
Know and relate to what others value
Do the things God values

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