Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Here are some thoughts on my recent journey through the Paul's letter to the Romans.

  • Romans explains the "So what?" of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.
  • Background--Paul writes to several hundred believers in Rome, a place he had never visited at the time. It wasn't long before his letter overshadowed all other literary pieces coming out of Rome.
  • I long to be as passionate as Paul was in his desire to share the gospel with others.
  • When we go the sin route, we are trading the glory of God for cheap figurines.
  • When God withdraws His pull, all hell breaks loose.
  • God is kind, but He is not soft. His kindness leads to radical life-change.
  • It's better to be a pagan who keeps God's laws than a Baptist who doesn't.
  • Chapter 3 makes it unquestionably clear that we all start out as sinners.
  • The job of leading Chapin Baptist is too big for me. It's something only God can do. I must trust Him to do it.
  • I'm a friend of God's. WOW!
  • God not only saves me from trouble; He gives me life.
  • I am free to sin. But when I sin, I am not longer free. I don't have to say yes to sin because of the resurrection. True freedom comes from saying yes to Christ and no to sin.
  • That Paul struggled with his sin nature and old way of living gives me great encouragement that I'm not alone.
  • Romans 8 still amazes me. Has to be one of the greatest chapters in the Bible.
  • Paul had an overwhelming burden for the Israelites because they were lost, without Christ.
  • 10:9-10 remind me that nothing I do gives me salvation. It's trusting Jesus to grant it to me.
  • God is good at pruning and grafting.
  • Israel will always have a place in God's master plan.
  • Chapter 12 is one of the most practical chapters in the Bible.
  • Christians need to be active citizens in the community.
  • The sum of all the laws is love.
  • My lifestyle should be consistent with my beliefs. Otherwise, I'm living in sin.
  • I should always have a "How can I help?" attitude even if responding is not convenient.
  • The final chapter lists more that 35 people by name, suggesting the importance of teamwork, volunteers, and everyone doing his/her share.

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