Thursday, November 29, 2007


I told you I had some catching up to do. So here are some gleanings from my recent read through 1 Corinthians.

  • This letter reminds me that for many, conversion does not automatically generate complete behavior transformation and that even Christians sometimes live like pagans.
  • God is great at choosing and using the "nobodies" of this world.
  • Can this verse be said of you/me? "The evidence of Christ has been clearly verified in your lives."
  • I can work extremely hard for Chapin Baptist Church, but I must remember that it is God who grows the church.
  • Ungodly behavior in the church must be confronted. The Message Bible says, "If necessary, clean house."
  • "Just because something is technically legal doesn't mean that it is spiritually appropriate." (Perhaps as in the controversial subject of drinking)
  • Marriage is a decision to serve the other.
  • Could my behavior/actions in any way be a stumbling block to others? Shouldn't I give that behavior up, even though essentially there is nothing wrong with it?
  • I want to run hard for the finish line. I want to be in top condition when I cross it. Therefore, sloppy living must be out.
  • I am not exempt, nor are you, from any moral downfall. Beware of self-confidence. The key is having God-confidence.
  • The Lord's Supper is a vital part of our spiritual journey and should never be observed in a half-hearted manner.
  • When every member of the body is using his/her special God-given gift, it is a beautiful thing.
  • The love list in chapter 13 always humbles me. This time what hit me was, "Love cares more for others than for self."
  • 14:39 is a great verse for preachers: "When you speak forth God's truth, speak your heart out."
  • Nothing I do for the kingdom is a waste of time. So every day I need to "throw" myself into His work.

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