Thursday, November 29, 2007


Yes, I've been reading my Bible each day. I'm just behind on my "journey" blogs. Here are some gleanings from my recent read through the Book of Judges.

  • The theme of the book could is the same as year 2007: People did what was right in their own eyes.
  • It is amazing how God uses corrupt people to accomplish His purposes (again true today).
  • Joshua (previous book) was a great, godly leader. Why didn't the generation after him not know God or the works He did for Israel? Christianity is always one generation away from being impotent.
  • Moving forward out of a disobedient spirit is not a wise thing to do.
  • Common pattern in the book: People rebel against God, God sends punishment through a foreign ruler, people cry out and repent, God raises a leader, enemy is defeated, people rebel, and the cycle repeats.
  • My favorite person in the book is Ehud. We left-handed people stick together.
  • My least favorite person is Jael. She kept me from making a 100 on an Old Testament test in seminary (30 years later and I still remember that).
  • The Song of Deborah is not your typical love song.
  • Gideon, like many today, blamed God for his woes instead of admitting his disobedience.
  • We must get rid of all other gods before erecting an altar to the true God.
  • Gideon, how many signs do you need? But aren't we the same way?
  • The key to Gideon's success--God's Spirit was upon him.
  • Did you notice that Gideon didn't argue when his army was cut to 300? What faith!
  • When Gideon learned about Midian's fear, he didn't wallow in pride. He got on his knees.
  • Gideon was in the middle of celebrating a great victory when he had to deal with a bunch of whiners who wondered why they weren't included.
  • Not long after the victory, they were back to their sinful ways.
  • Gideon had 70 sons--a busy man he was.
  • Abimilech demonstrates the dangers of a divided people.
  • I'm grateful that God forgives even when we fall into the same sinful traps over and over.
  • Jephthah--Don't make stupid, irrational vows to God.
  • English teachers would love chapter 12--Is it Sibboleth or Shibboleth?
  • Lessons for parents from Samson's parents: marital communication, praying for wisdom on how to raise our kids, and putting God first.
  • God set apart Samson, but he tried to do stuff in his own power.
  • Samson is the story of the tragedy of wasted potential.
  • Samson didn't know that God's Spirit had left him--how sad.
  • How could a husband give his wife to a bunch of sex-crazed men and then sleep through the night while they raped her? Is our culture any different?
  • It is not a pretty picture when believers fight each other.
  • Chapter 21 speaks to the issue of community--the people grieved at the thought that the tribe of Benjamin might become extinct.
  • The last verse of the book sums it all up--the people did what they felt like doing.

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