Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I was home on Thanksgiving break from college one year and my Mom "ordered" me to do something that was bizarre. She told me to sit down and write a list of all that I'm thankful for. I have no clue what prompted her to do this. We always had Thanksgiving dinner together as a family. And overall, I'd say that our family was a grateful one.

I don't remember my mom asking me to do much outside of a chore here and there or run an errand every now and then. But when she told me to sit down and write out my thanksgiving list, something inside me knew that she was serious. I don't remember how I initially responded; but bottom line, I sat down and wrote out my list.

My mom has had tremendous spiritual influence on me throughout my life. And she continues to amaze me with her faith. But this is one lifelong takeaway that I'm extremely grateful for. I tell this story every time I teach Class 201. Why? Because taking the time to sit and write a thanksgiving list is a great discipline. It helps put your life in proper perspective.

For November 2007, here are some of the many things for which I am grateful:

  • For a mother who still inspires me
  • For a wife that I'm deeply in love with
  • For three special sons that I know will make a positive impact on God's kingdom
  • For two new women in my life, Jamie and Erin, the future Kelly girls
  • For a church family that is the best in the world
  • For Friendly, Bruno, and Jade who challenge my patience every day
  • For my accountability partner Jody who is not only a great friend and confidant but a true Tiger
  • For a mind that still enjoys learning
  • For a church staff that loves Jesus and longs to see Chapin Baptist explode in the number of lives transformed
  • For God's Word that speaks fresh truth in my life each day
  • For our government leaders, whether I agree or disagree with them
  • For the freedoms we enjoy in America
  • For soldiers who defend our freedoms
  • Above all, for a Savior who forgives me and who still has great things in store for me.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I love each one of you!

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