Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Here are some recent gleanings from my read through 2 Corinthians.

  • After reading this letter, it is obvious that church members attacking church leaders is not a new thing.
  • Just like Paul, I need to remember that my ministry is planned by God and that I am on a mission sent by Jesus.
  • Sometimes difficult confrontations must occur in order to preserve the unity of the church.
  • God transfigures our lives as we walk with Him each day.
  • The hard times we go through now are "small potatoes" compared to the lavish blessings we will have one day.
  • Since we all will stand before Christ one day, I must do everything I can to help people be ready on that day.
  • 5:16-21 is one of the most powerful paragraphs in the whole Bible.
  • Jesus died for our sins; our lives have been transformed; and now we must tell others.
  • When we live inside the fence, the result is feelings of insignificance. If I truly want to live, I need to get outside the fence (but, of course, still bound by the teachings of Scripture).
  • We should make a clear break with anything that defiles or distracts us from reaching our God-given potential.
  • 8:9--great evidence that Jesus co-existed with God from the beginning of time. When else would Jesus have been "rich"?
  • Great principle for giving--the more generous I am in giving, the more generous God will be to me.
  • More important than what I think about myself is what God thinks about me.
  • If you think you're going through tough times, just read Paul's story in 11:23-27. No comparison.
  • God's grace is all I ever need to face any trial, temptation, or weakness.
  • I need to do regular spiritual checkups to make sure my faith is solid. Is it? Is it evident that Christ lives in me?

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