Thursday, January 17, 2008


Here is part 2 of my recent quiet times through 1 Samuel:

  • 16. Verse 7 is one of the great verses of the Bible. We tend to look at a person's outward appearance. God looks at the heart. This chapter also includes a verse indicating how the Holy Spirit empowered David for the rest of his life.
  • 17. The story of David and Goliath reminds me how one person with courage for God can make a difference.
  • 18. Here is a good case of jealousy when it is apparent that God's anointing is on someone else and not on you.
  • 19. One thing I don't understand. At this point, did Saul know that David had been anointed as his successor? Every word of the Bible is God-breathed. But sometimes I wonder about the purpose of including stuff that happens in this chapter--weird prophesying, a naked Saul, etc.
  • 20. David and Jonathan--the beauty of a genuine friendship, one sincerely willing to die for the other.
  • 21. It seems David compromises his faith and integrity through lying and deceiving. No mention of God in this section.
  • 22. Saul--a picture of one who has completely lost his ability to discern right from wrong.
  • 23. David can teach us a lot about waiting on God and not trying to take matters into our own hands.
  • 24. David's integrity shines. He would not kill Saul even when it would have been easy to. He trusted God to handle his situation in His own way and in His own timing.
  • 25. Abigail--a proactive woman who stepped in and pleaded with David to spare her family in spite of her foolish husband. Double reward--family was spared; she becomes David's wife.
  • 26. David's faith in God's providence. Also verses 19-20 express belief in life after death.
  • 27. David instigated many raids, killing everyone in the city. Nothing is said of God. Just wondering if David led this or if God led David to take this strategy.
  • 28. Saul--portrait of a desperate man and what happens when we live a life of disobedience.
  • 29. David's plans to fight with the Philistines against Saul don't come to fruition (probably divine intervention). I wonder what would have happened if he had fought against his own people.
  • 30. In the deepest of trials David found strength in his trust in God.
  • 31. The book fittingly ends with the death of Saul and his sons (including Jonathan). David's spiritual journey was up and down; but he passed the "waiting on God" test.

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