Thursday, January 31, 2008


On Monday at the beginning of our staff meeting we switched things up and went into the worship service to pray. Our next two Sundays will focus on the theme of worship and how we can encounter the living Christ when we worship on Sunday mornings. To begin the prayer time, I asked them to fill in the blank: When it comes to worship, I wish....We ended up in some great extended discussion.

Here are some of the things our pastors wish when it comes to worship:

  • That everyone could experience it
  • That everyone would participate in it
  • That we had more time for our worship services
  • That everyone would understand that worship is 24/7 and not just a Sunday thing
  • That everyone would experience worship everyday
  • That everyone came spiritually prepared for worship
  • That we would see more life transformation
  • That Michael would exhort us more (like he did in a couple of our services last Sunday)
  • That everyone would understand that worship is not about us (it's about Him)
  • That all would understand that worship is not about the style of music
  • That everyone called to lead in worship (speakers, vocalists, musicians) each week would stand in awe of God as they lead
  • That parents would model what it means to worship
  • That the lifestyle of every worship leader would reflect the life of Jesus Christ
  • That everyone would enter the glory of God as we worship

These were just spur of the moment thoughts but very profound. Our earnest desire is that God would use us to create an environment that would allow every participant to encounter the living Christ every Sunday. Pray for us.

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