Thursday, March 20, 2008


As I close out the blogs from Zimbabwe, let me say a big thanks to all who kept up. You've given me a lot of good feedback about the pictures and commentary. In this final blog (who knows, maybe it won't be the final one) I will post a mixture of some of the favorite pictures from our team members.

This was a common roadside sight--natives selling their fresh fruit and vegetables.

Thursday evening entertainment at the orphanage
This was the kitchen in first orphanage we visited. Supper is being prepared. A couple of the boys killed a rabbit earlier in the day. So they had it for supper that night.
Below are some of our favorite pictures of Zimbabwe children. Look into their faces and you will see beautiful creations from God.

What a privilege it was to have Gary Walton, pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist, partnering with us. On the right is Marvin Bozard, our trip leader.
On Sunday afternoon as we headed out of Harare to Mudzi, we stopped for an "American" meal--chicken, fries, coke-It would be the last American meal until we came back to Harare.

What an awesome sight! Two Clemson grads with the village chief!

LeDoncie and Cyndi are having a blast grinding meal the way it's done in Zimbabwe.

Cheryl almost figured out how to balance the bucket. It took a speed lens to capture the split second she had it balanced.

We saw some beautiful sunsets south of the equator.

A typical classroom scene--bunches of children sitting on concrete floors.

Once again, our team is very grateful for how you prayed for us. Your prayers were answered. Keep praying for the people of Zimbabwe. Who knows? We may go back one day.

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