Sunday, March 9, 2008


I believe I could write for the next few months about our trip to Zimbabwe. But I'll try to wrap it up with only a few more posts (don't hold me to a few though). Wednesday was a huge day for our team. Gary and I continued with pastor training. Then we joined the other group at the school. The Campus Crusade staff arranged a couple of soccer matches between two local schools. I'll try to capture these events with some shots and brief commentary.

Before the first soccer picture, I've got to show you another common sight in Zimbabwe. Who needs a stroller? This is how moms carried their babies around. I never once heard one of the babies protesting. I guess they were too squashed to make a sound.

Here is part of the crowd who made their way to the soccer field.

Here is John, one of our hosts, getting to try a courtesty kick into the goal . From the picture you can see the tall grass and the general field conditions. Take a look at one of the goals (the other was a carbon copy.

During the match a couple of sideshows broke out. Notice my 37 inch vertical leap.

Cheryl and Denise had more attention than the soccer players.

Gary and I (especially Gary) hooked up with a prominent village chief. He is the "top dog" for about 35,000 people. And, by the way, he has two wives. He couldn't understand why it was illegal in the U.S. to have only one. His rationale--a man has two eyes; so he needs two wives. He assured us that the two wives got along with each other.

After the matches were over, cash gifts and new volley balls and soccer balls were presented to the four teams. Then with a captive audience I had the privilege of a lifetime--telling several thousand people about how God loves them and wants to give them the gift of eternal life.

Words can't express the emotions I sensed when probably three-fourths of the crowd raised their hands to indicate they had given their lives to Jesus. Eleven people made this trip at $3,000 a piece. That's $33,000. Are 3,000 souls giving their lives to Christ worth that investment? There is no greater eternal investment. Chapin Baptist Church had a major role in leading many Zimbabweans to Christ. We give thanks to God.

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