Wednesday, March 12, 2008


After the great experience on the soccer field, our team was treated to a oxcart ride. Not good for the bottom, but it sure was fun.
We had no clue where the drivers were taking us. We road down a bumpy dirt road through tall corn and sunflower fields. Our destination was worth the whole trip. They took us to one of the village residences. Almost every Mudzi resident lives in a hut that looks like this.

This building of one room serves as their kitchen, family room, dining room, etc. Here are a couple of shots from the inside.

Here is a picture of the bedroom that is detached from the other area.

That evening we went to another outreach event, the showing of the Jesus film. The movie was shown outdoors on an old movie projector and portable screen. It had poured rain that afternoon and the grounds were very wet. But that didn't stop the people from coming. No tailgating chairs. They all sat on the ground, some sitting on blankets or shawls they had brought with them. We didn't get a count; but I'd say close to a thousand showed up. Many of them accepted Christ when an invitation was offered. One more indication that the people of Zimbabwe are hungry for the gospel.

I love to see our church members challenged to try new things and be stretched out of their comfort zones. Jamie was asked (without any preparation) to speak to a group of local businessmen about ethics in the business world. He was up to the challenge and group that had gathered were glued to his every word. Great job, Jamie!

Still to come--the great bicycle event and a trip to two orphanages.

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