Wednesday, March 12, 2008


One of the highlights of our trip was surprising the pastors with brand new bicycles on the last day of the conference. You would have thought that we had given them new Escalades. They were so appreciative. The Campus Crusade staff knows how to throw a celebration. There was music, dancing, singing, praying, shouting, crying....the whole works. I will never forget the experience.

Here's a shot of the room full of bikes.

Take a look at the name brand of the bikes. Isn't that a divine coincidence?

One of our team members brought the bikes up one at a time. The name of the pastor was called out, and he and his wife came forward to receive the bike. Here is LeDoncie bringing up one of the bikes with celebrating going on in the background.

Here are a few shots of the pastors receiving their special gifts.

This lady pastor was so overwhelmed with emotion she was on her knees giving praise to God and gratitude to us.

I know you're not supposed to pick favorites. But I had a good connection during the conference with this salvation army pastor and his wife.

I've got to show you the one below. We had a box full of baseball caps that we gave away. The women, I believe, liked them more than the men. They wore them proudly.

The Crusade staff got their dibs on the hats as well. Check out Mavis and Pauline, two great hosts for us during the week.

Before the pastors got on their bikes to return home, they took time to write thank you notes.

I wonder who got to ride the bike home--the husband or the wife. You may wonder how they carried their luggage. After all, Crusade hosted the pastors and spouses for a few days, including food and lodging. My best answer to that question is: What luggage? They had none. Maybe a tote bag. But mostly just the clothes on their backs.

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