Sunday, April 27, 2008


Yes, I've been reading my Bible each day. But I've fallen behind on sharing some of my quiet time nuggets. Before I get into the chapter by chapter mode, as you read this book, it is important to remember that having a king was not God's idea. It was the people's. But He allowed it. God did not delegate His sovereignty to the kings. They were to represent His sovereignty. That plan didn't work wll at all. Even the bright spots (David, Hezekiah, Josiah) were not very bright. 1 and 2 Kings is one story of failure after another. In spite of all the messes, God still used the kings to accomplish His purposes. Here are some thoughts from each chapter in 1 Kings (part 1).

  1. David, on his deathbed, worshiped and prayed.

  2. A father's deathbed charge to his son: follow the ways of God.

  3. Solomon's request is a prayer I frequently pray. "Give me an understanding heart to I can lead your people."

  4. I think Solomon would have done quite well on the SAT (even the new verision).

  5. Solomon's wisdom carrried over into his business decisions and foreign policy.

  6. God let Solomon know that more important than building the temple was to live a life of obedience to HIm.

  7. Thank the Lord for all the Hirams in our churches--craftsmen who use their gifts for God's kingdom

  8. The glory of God filled the Temple of God" (v. 11). My prayer is that God's glory will fill our place of worship every Sunday.

  9. We need Hirams (ch. 7) in our churches but not with the attitude he displayed in chapter 9. Or was he justified? Did Solomon short-change him?

  10. A chapter describing the extravagance of wealth Solomon displayed. It is easy to take our eyes off God with such lavish living (as evidenced in ch. 11).

  11. Wealth brings sexual temptations. And it is difficult for wealthy people to stay focused on God. Solomon succumbed in both cases.

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