Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Last Sunday, from the story of Zaccheus I preached my one prayer sermon. If I could pray one prayer for Chapin Baptist Church and for churches across America, it would be, "Lord, make us focused." Focused on reaching people for Christ and helping believers become fully devoted followers of Christ.

How can we restore that focus. Ed Stetzer in his widely-read book Comeback Churches notes that every member of the church should be involved in three ways. All should be involved in all three. But if everyone just did one of the three, that's a great place to start.

  1. Every member should be a pray-er. Everyone can pray. You can pray for the lost to be saved. You can pray for the growth of the church. You can pray for key outreach events like Vacation Bible School. So, before you read further, close your eyes and pray for a couple of minutes.
  2. Every member should be a bring-er. Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, was a bringer. He loved bringing people to Jesus. When is the last time you brought someone to church with you? When is the last time you invited someone to church? It doesn't have to be a worship service that you invite people to. It could be VBS. It could be a small group fellowship. It could be a ministry project your group is doing. In fact, I read recently that this strategy has become an extremely effective way of helping the unchurched to connect. The next time your class does an "outside the walls" project, invite a friend to join you.
  3. Every member should be a tell-er. Chapin Baptist certainly has some tell-ers. But we need to become a church of tell-ers, a church where every members confidently and earnestly tells others about Jesus.

Lord, make us focused. The church that is focused on reaching people is the church that is filled with members who are focused. And, yes, I must lead the way.

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Anonymous said...

“Thank you, Holy Spirit, for your work in my life. Help me speak in truth and with integrity. I want to be steadfast in your word and become a clearer reflection of your love and mercy.”

a little prayer to help