Thursday, June 12, 2008


Starting with chapter 14, here are some gleanings from my journey through 2 Kings.

14. These were probably the darkest days in the history of Israel and Judah. All were bent on fighting and promoting immorality and false religion.

15. Some kings implemented reforms but held on to the sex-religion practices. Are there any parallels today to the luring appeal of sex and how it destroys even Christians?

16. Ahaz, another wicked king, compromised by doing away with many of the religious symbols of the Temple in order to appease a foreign king.

17. This chapter is a humbing account of God's judgment on a people who consistently disobeyed Him.

18. Finally, a good king--Hezekiah. In God's opinion he was a "good" king. Am I a good pastor? Are you a "good" teacher, salesman, lawyer, business owner? Whose opinion really matters? (By the way, you've got to read 2 Kings 18:27 in the Message Bible. I couldn't believe it when I read it.)

19. We can learn a lot from Hezekiah who poured out his heart to God in prayer.

20. Hezekiah lived to please God, but he made a foolish error when he gave Babylonian guests a tour that showed them where EVERYTHING was (including weapons). Later Babylon destroyed Judah.

21. Manasseh's legacy. He turned Judah into a nation of sinners.

22. It is still beyond me that a high priest "discovered" the Word of God in the Temple. For years/generations people and even the priests did not know that there was a Word of God.

23. Thank God for leaders like Josiah who are passionate about obeying God and ridding the land of everything ungodly.

24. A sober reminder that wickedness does not go unpunished. God's judgment is never by accident.

25. The lengthy historical accounts in 1-2 Kings ends with the people of God defeated and scattered--orphans. But, remember, God always has a remnant.

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