Saturday, June 28, 2008


God answered a ton of prayers this week with Vacation Bible School. What an awesome week it was. Here are some stats:

  • 282 students registered
  • 168 total volunteers
  • 25 average attendance for the adult Bible study
  • 347 average nightly attendance
  • 475 total registered students and volunteers
  • Most important of all--29 boys and girls made decisions to invite Jesus into their hearts. Heaven is rejoicing. And so am I.

Here are a few other comments and observations:

  • Virginia shared with the staff a couple of weeks ago that her children's staff are as pumped as she has ever seen. Morale is high. When morale is high, God does amazing things.
  • Look what happens when that many volunteers come together to work on a single assignment.
  • You should have seen the stage set as well as the room set-ups. Our volunteers are extremely creative.
  • We are all grateful for the food service volunteers. The fact that some contribute the money for all the meals and then prepare, serve, and clean-up each night--what does that tell you?
  • I think it is fantabulous that the children look to Virginia, Troy, and Crystal as their pastors. They are the ones pouring their lives into these children. Pastor Ken? Who is that?
  • Many of those who accepted Jesus were not previously connected with Chapin Baptist.
  • It is still a thrill that I look forward to every summer to sit down one-on-one with some of the boys and girls and lead them to a decision to follow Christ.
  • To set the stage for the week, one young man gave his heart to Jesus on the very first night.
  • I was able to meet a whole bunch of new families and invite them to church.
  • One final note--Troy Crump challenged the children to give $1500 in the offering this week (all of which goes to the We Care Center). If they met the goal, he would become a human banana split. Unfortunately, when the final totals were announced, we were $258 short. But, praise God, someone wrote a check on the spot for $258. Troy will become a human banana split on Sunday, 6/29, at 9:45.

God is at work. Let's keep the "mo" growing.

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