Sunday, June 1, 2008


The answers are "no" and "no". First, no, we aren't pros at this wedding planning stuff. Even though two of our three sons got married within an eight-week period, we are far from pros. Pros at wedding planning can't let emotions interfere. So I prefer to stay an amateur and let the emotions do their thing. I wasn't an emotional mush like I was in early April. Actually, I thought I had it all together until the first words of the ceremony came out of my mouth. I came close to losing it. Thankfully, as always, the Lord rallied to my side.
The second "no" is no, we aren't planning a wedding for the third one yet. Praying for his future mate? You bet. But we're counting on a fairly long reprieve from the wedding planning business.
This weekend was another super-special occasion. Kevin and Erin make a great couple. Can't you tell? Here is the grand entrance into The Pointe, which served as the location for the reception. A special part of both weddings was that the grooms escorted their mom out for the recessional. Something tells me that Anita's heart was swelling with joy and pride.

After their honeymoon to St. John's in the Virgin Islands, Kevin and Erin will move into a rental home in Clemson. They plan to move back to the Chapin area in January after Erin graduates with her nursing degree. Kevin's employer wants him to set up an office in Chapin. I'm not going to argue with that at all.
They won't be settled long before they will have the joy of seeing Jade, their German Short-Haired Pointer, have puppies. Welcome to marriage.
Anita and I count our blessings daily that our three boys all love Jesus and desire to serve Him. And now we have the extra blessings of two daughters-in-law who both love Jesus as well.

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