Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I may have a reputation for remembering people's names. But I confess I can't remember movie titles. Anita pointed out to me that the movie I recommended in the last blog was "The Bucket List" not "The List Bucket." Oh, well. I still recommend it regardless of what you call it.

I'm still way behind blogging about my reading through The Message Bible. Here are some takeaways from 1 Thessalonians.

  • If our sense of the future is weak, we live with no hope.
  • If our future is dominated by belief in the second coming, there is no need for the present to be filled with anxieties.
  • 1:2--Every time someone comes across your mind, pray for that person.
  • 1:5--If someone imitates your life, would they be imitating the Master?
  • 1:7-10--My longing for Chapin Baptist--that the news of our faith would be widespread around the world
  • 2:1-2--I pray that I will always have the courage of Paul--not to let criticism and attacks slow me down. The key--Paul was sure of himself in God.
  • 2:7--Great question for me (and for any pastor): Do I care for my members like a mother cares for her children?
  • 2:16--Paul talks about pagans who have "made a career of opposing God." Unfortunately, there are many Christians who have made a career of criticizing their church.
  • 3:8--What keeps me going is transformed lives.
  • 3:11-13--great example of praying the Scriptures for someone
  • 4:10--We should strive to get better and better at loving one another.
  • 5:1--Beware of those who have figured out when Jesus is coming back. Jesus Himself said He didn't know. Paul reminds us that God will not call ahead of time; so we better be ready.
  • 5:6--Do you know someone who is "sleepwalking" through life?
  • 5:16-18--Some of my favorite verses. Short and to the point commands. My favorite: "Pray all the time."
  • 5:24--God called me into the ministry. He is completely dependable in fulfilling His promises to me.

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