Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today was the first day of our long-awaited and much talked about transition. It was a wonderful day of worship. There are still many kinks to work out. But all-in-all it was a great day. One of our concerns was how well the 10:45 service would be attended. 50-75 would not have surprised us. But, oh me of little faith. We had 150!!!

The prayer time in each service was moving. I about lost it in one of the services. The only thing that allowed me to keep my composure was another person coming forward requesting prayer. Pray with me that we can build a culture in our times of worship where people freely move forward for prayer or for significant spiritual decisions. What we saw today should become an every-week occurrence.

The fellowship time is wonderful. My friend Don Brock at Gateway Baptist shared with me recently that they built in a fellowship time when they moved into their new facilities. He said many resisted the idea at first. But now everyone loves it. I believe the same thing will happen here. However, I've got to find my new groove. I was enjoying the mingling today and it was 10:40. I thought I would casually work my way up to the worship center since I had 20 more minutes. Then it dawned on me that worship started in five minutes. Oh, well, I'll adjust soon.

Just as I'm praying for a culture of prayer in our worship services, I'm praying for a culture of hungering for God's Word in our small group times. I'm praying that whether classes meet for an hour, for the designated 80 minutes, or for two hours in some of our night time groups--that as God's Word is taught, people will hunger to become more and more like Jesus. I'm praying that genuine community will result.

God is at work. Lives are being transformed. Potential is unlimited. Come next Sunday expecting great things.

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