Sunday, August 10, 2008


What a great subject for my 100th blog posting--the annual Leadership Summit. This year due to economic factors we all decided to attend the one at CIU. The conference, as usual, was tremendous. I'm thankful that Willow Creek sets aside these couple of days every August. The sessions provide renewed energy and fresh vision. However, I confess that I missed the couple of days away in Charlotte. Getting away, I believe, is a great investment of time and dollars. It provides opportunities to hang out more with our Chapin Baptist leaders, especially in the hotel after the sessions are over. Hopefully, next year, we can "get away" again.

I'll use two or three blogs to give you some of my takeaways from the conference.

Bill Hybels--"The High Drama of Decision Making"--Most of his talk focused on some axioms that have had a great impact on how he does ministry. His talk, was a home run--worth the price of admission. Here are some of his axioms.

  • Vision leaks--Therefore, it must be repeated over and over and over and......
  • Get the right people around the table. God wants every church to prevail. Therefore, if there are issues, get the right people together to talk through the challenges. These people are looking for you to lead.
  • Facts are your friends. Bill spent a good bit of time talking about their REVEAL study which helped Willow recognize their shortcomings. The facts may hurt; but they are essential for moving forward.
  • Leaders call, "Foul." In meetings, the leader must maintain control or things can get heated. Sometimes, he must call a time out to get the group refocused.
  • Take a flyer--Do something big for the kingdom along the way; maybe, something global. Challenge people to do something BIG!
  • This is church--Church is not meetings and visioning and strategizing. When the people of God come together to serve the needy or the grieving--that's church.

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