Thursday, September 11, 2008


Here are some learnings from my recent read through The Message Bible from 1 Timothy. In 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus, Paul is mentoring Timothy and Titus on how to be effective leaders for Jesus.

  • 1:1--Just like Paul, God has given each of us a "special assignment".
  • 1:2--Timothy was Paul's son in the faith. How many children in the faith do I/you have?
  • 1:12--God went out on a limb when He entrusted to me the ministry of Chapin Baptist Church.
  • 1:15--Jesus came to this world to save sinners. If that was His focus, what should be the focus of CBC? Of my life?
  • 2:1--First things first--PRAY!
  • 2:4--I know Calvinists have an answer for 2:4. But how can God want everyone to be saved and then not give him/her the freedom to choose to be saved?
  • 2:7--Recently I preached that Jesus' main focus was reaching the lost. What was Paul's main focus? The same--getting the gospel to the lost. Obviously, the church should have the same focus as Jesus and Paul.
  • 3:1-7--A great list of qualities every church leader should model.
  • 3:12--If a leader in the church is having marriage problems, he/she should focus on making the marriage stronger and consider the church position as second-level priority.
  • 4:4--Everything God created is good. However, I must admit I wonder about roach bugs.
  • 4:7-9--My workouts at Crooked Creek Park are helpful. But a disciplined life is much better. It equips me for today and for eternity.
  • 4:11--God values young leaders.
  • 4:12--Teach other believers by the way you live.
  • 4:14--Whatever gifts God has given me, I need to keep sharp and fresh.
  • 4:16--I should never let anything divert me from what God has called me to do.
  • 5:8--How well do I care for the needs of my family? Paul says neglecting family is worse than not being a believer.
  • 5:9-10--Very interesting--the qualifications Paul puts on which widows to assist--those over 60, married once, and a reputation of helping others. Helping out with children is listed. Great verse for children's ministry.
  • 5:16--If a church member falls into sin, the church not only has the right to confront but is exhorted to do so in the Scriptures.
  • 5:17--Be careful of putting people in leadership positions too soon.
  • 6:9-10--Focusing too much on money will negatively impact your walk with Christ.
  • 6:18--Instead of going after wealth, we should go after God.
  • 6:18-19--Generosity is the pathway to true riches.

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