Sunday, November 30, 2008


The word processor for the blogging site is not too user friendly. I can't figure out how to start with a number different from 1. So let's go with bullets as I continue to share with you some learnings from my recent read through Job in the Message Bible.

  • 22. Eliphaz--Round 3--Basically he says, "Job, get right with God and He will make things right with you."
  • 23. I love how Job expresses his obedience to God. He didn't just obey. He treasured God's advice.
  • 24. The evildoings in Job's day sounds like what's going on today.
  • 25. Bildad--Round 3--He reminds Job that no one, no matter how righteous he is, can stand before God perfectly innocent (that is, except through Christ).
  • 26. Job's sarcasm toward his "helpful" friends adds a little humor. By the way, laughter is good therapy when things aren't going well.
  • 27. One thing that bothers me about Job is his reluctance to admit that he's a sinner. This is probably due to a concept of sin in his day as external behavior and not matters of the heart.
  • 28. How does someone gain wisdom? By fearing the Lord. How does one gain insight? By shunning evil.
  • 29. Job recalled the good days when everything was great. All of us are just one phone call or one doctor's report away from things drastically changing.
  • 30. We criticize how Job's friends counseled him. But how would you have counseled him?
  • 31. Oh, that we all would hate sin and refrain from ungodly living like Job did.
  • 32. Elihu, a fourth friend, is younger than the other three. The custom in those days was that the young, out of respect for the wisdom of their elders, never spoke before the older men were done speaking.
  • 33. Elihu makes a lot of sense. He says God always answers one way or another.
  • 34. God can never do wrong. We need to remember that when trials come and disaster rages.
  • 35. Elihu asks Job, "No matter how much you sin, will it matter to him?" No, sin doesn't change God. But, yes, sin does matter to Him.
  • 36. When we suffer, it is critical that we learn from it (v. 15).
  • 37. Bottom line for Elihu is that he thinks Job was out of line for accusing God of being unfair to him. God is unfair to no one.
  • 38 and 39. God speaks now. Great, great, great chapters for anyone who nees to be reminded who is in charge of everything.
  • 40. If you want to expand your knowledge of the mountain goat, deer, donkey buffalo, ostrich, horse, and hawk, read this chapter (seriously).
  • 41. God uses sarcastic humor to get His point across to Job. He invites Job to swap places with Him since it sounded like he knew everything.
  • 42. Honest confession before God starts the healing process and restores one's relationship with God.

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