Thursday, November 6, 2008


Here are some gleanings from my recent read through the book of Titus from The Message Bible.

  • 1:3--God has entrusted the gospel to me. Am I being a faithful steward of what He has entrusted?

  • 1:5-9--After 2000 years this is still a relevant checklist by which to measure church leaders.

  • 1:15-16--Hypocrites in the church is not a new thing. There were folks in Paul's day who claimed to know God but whose actions demonstrated otherwise.

  • 2:1-6--Great picture of a discipleship process with desirable outcomes, covering male and female and young and old.

  • 2:1-6--I believe churches today, including CBC, would be healthier if older couples mentored younger ones.

  • 2:11-14--God calls each of us to pull away from a godless, indulgent life to a God-filled and God-honoring life.

  • 3:3-8--What a difference it makes when Jesus steps into our lives.

  • 3:14--Paul made sure that providing for the needy was a central focus of his ministry.

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