Thursday, January 3, 2008


I hope everyone had a Christ-filled Christmas and your new year is off to a good start. I vote for January 2 to be a paid holiday. Do you agree?

Anyway I took some time off and returned to the office on Wednesday. So it's full-steam ahead. Here are some ramblings from my life over the last few weeks.

  • If you missed the Christmas program led by our worship teams a few weeks ago...well, let's just say you missed an overtime touchdown. WOW! Michael Cathey set the bar at new levels. What an awesome partner to work with.
  • Speaking of overtime, I know all of you were thinking of me when Auburn scored their overtime touchdown to whip my Tigers. It's just a game. It's just a game. It's....
  • Kenny and Jamie, Kevin and Erin, Tyler, and my nephew Ross went to the Chick-Fil-A bowl. Long trip home.
  • Anita got to do some shopping with her future daughters-in-law.
  • We thoroughly enjoyed the Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Colonial Center. High energy. A concert to remember.
  • Joy of all joys, I picked up a bug on Christmas afternoon and ran a fever for a few days. Great way to spend a vacation.
  • I'm currently writing a book summary of Lee Strobel's The Case for the Real Jesus. If you're into apologetics, this is a great book. Very informative and helpful. Strobel deals with a lot of the recent objections skeptics have raised against Christianity.
  • Speaking of book summaries, check out to see some of the summaries I have written.
  • This Christmas was a little different in that Kenny and Kevin had to share time with their future in-laws and their families. Things change when your children marry, don't they?
  • We met some friends in Charlotte one day during the break. Friends from seminary that we haven't seen in years. That was a great trip!
  • Jade, Kevin's German Short-Hair Pointer, was up to her mischief behavior again. It wasn't football tickets this time. It was a Fed Ex package from Coldwater Creek containing a top Anita had ordered for Christmas. Thankfully, our great neighbor, Dan McDaniel, spotted her tearing into the box and retrieved it before she got hold of the top.
  • Since my dogs are becoming famous, I guess I need to take pictures so you can see these precious jewels for yourself.
  • Through the years my best prayer partner has been Anita. But I confess we have let that prayer time slip. So we decided to renew the commitment for 2008. Prayer is critical for the health of any family.
  • This Sunday I will preach a "state of the church" message. Pray for me. And pray that 2008 will be a banner year for Chapin Baptist.
  • The church finished 2007 on a very positive note. We ended up meeting 99 percent of our budget requests for the year. In December, we made up a lot of deficits so that we ended the year in the black. I wish every Chapin Baptist member trusted God enough to bring the tithe each week. Can you imagine the work for the kingdom we could do if everyone followed the biblical teachings on money?
  • Right now--will you pray for me and the others who will be doing a mission trip to Zimbabwe in February. Pray that we will be spiritually ready to serve in whatever capacity we are asked to serve.
  • Think 3 E's--encounter, engage, express. You will be hearing a lot more about the 3 E's in the coming weeks.
  • Class 101 moves to Sunday morning at 9:45 this Sunday. Now it is called Starting Point. If you have met families visiting the church, point them toward Starting Point.
  • One final thing--I have a team of partners who pray for me every day. I keep this team informed by mailing a prayer letter each month. Would you consider being a part of the team? Shoot me an email ( if interested.

2008 is going to be a great year! Thanks for reading.

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