Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2008

Kenny and I are in Charleston for his big surgery day on Thursday. Anita will be joining us on Thursday. We came down today for his pre-op. Many of you have called, texted, and emailed to let us know of your prayers. We are very grateful.

His surgery is not till 5:30 pm. And he has to start fasting tonight at midnight. Something doesn't make sense here. If someone has surgery at 7 am, they have to start fasting at midnight. Seems like a 5:30 surgery would require mabye a 10 am fast.

Anyway, to abide by the rules, Kenny wanted to make sure his final meal before surgery was a good one. So I took him to Hyman's, the famous seafood restaurant on Meeting Street. If you've never been's quite an experience. Autographed portraits of famous people who have eaten there. Small brass plates embedded in the tables to indicate who had sat at that table. We sat at the table where some of the New York Knicks ate. And where else in the world do you know where everyone is served a bowl of boiled peanuts when you're seated? I could tell the woman sitting across from me had no clue what those "things" were. She finally picked one up and snapped it in half--a sure sign that she was a rookie.

I almost forgot to tell you about the food. Absolutely great. I had Caribbean Jerk Mahi, shrimp and grits and deviled crab. If you're in Charleston, check it out.

Back to the reason we are here--Kenny has been having lots of lower back pain for several months now. No shots or other treatments have worked. So his orthopedic in Columbia referred him to a surgeon at the Southeastern Spine Institute. On Thursday afternoon he will have a spinal fusion. He will be in the hospital for a couple of days. We hope to be home on Saturday.

Pray that the surgery will be a complete success for the long haul. And pray that the post-surgery healing and rehab will go well. And while Kenny is recuperating, why don't you give James Clonts a call and find out how you can pitch in while Kenny is out?

Your love and support for my family are greatly appreciated. And don't forget--make sure you're in worship this Sunday. It's going to be an awesome day. I will start a two-part series called Money Management 101. One more thing not to forget--pray for your church. Pray that 2008 will bring with it unprecedented growth and life change.

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