Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here are some things God impressed upon me during my recent quiet time reading through Paul's letter to the Galatians.

  • God does not coerce us to behave in a certain prescribed way. He is a personal Savior who sets us free from within to live a free life.
  • The main issue in the Galatian churches--old school religious leaders tried to put a damper on freedom in Christ and tried to corral Christians back into a life of rules and regulations.
  • My primary call comes from God and not Chapin Baptist or the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • God wants everyone to be rescued from the old way of living.
  • Probing reminder for me: when I preach, do I get my messages from God?
  • Paul lovingly, but openly, rebuked Peter for his hypocritical behavior.
  • Christianity is not a bunch of rules to live by. Otherwise, Christ died needlessly.
  • If you think you can work your way to heaven, look at 3:10. If you're anything less than perfect, you'll never make it. In fact, you're cursed.
  • 3:13-14--One of the great theological truths of the Bible. Jesus became a curse on the cross.
  • 4:4--Great Christmas verse. At exactly the right time set by the Father, Jesus came to this earth.
  • I long to have the shepherd's passion of Paul, the desire to see people become like Jesus.
  • I am free but I should use my freedom to serve others.
  • One sentence summary of the Bible--Love others as yourself.
  • Read 5:18-23 in the Message Bible for a fresh take on a familiar passage. For example, in the fruit of the Spirit list, "joy" is rendered "exuberance about life."
  • Whatever your call in life is, it should include a life of serving others.

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