Sunday, February 10, 2008


Here are some takeaways from my recent quiet times through Ephesians:

  • Even before earth was created, I was on God's mind. He took a lot of pleasure in bringing me into existence.
  • It is only in Jesus that I can discover what my purpose in life is.
  • Jesus rules the world, in charge of everything.
  • If you inhale the world's pollution, you will exhale disobedience.
  • Our salvation is God's idea and His work. All we do is trust Him to do it. It is God's gift all the way.
  • Paul wrote that he was preaching and writing about things way over his head. Encouraging to know that I'm in good company.
  • Paul was on his knees praying for the church. Ouch! Am I on my knees enough?
  • 4:20-31--two of my life verses--"God can do anything."
  • A great standard for living--watch what God does, then do it.
  • In my marriage do I go all out in my love for Anita? Do I focus on giving to her instead of getting from her.
  • Two instructions for dads--don't come down hard on your children; and lead them in the way of the master.
  • Whether you're working for a paycheck or serving in the church, don't do just enough to get by. Go the extra mile.
  • Our fight with the devil will be non-stop as long as we live.
  • The spiritual battles we face are too fierce to handle on our own. We must use the weapons God has issued.

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