Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Here are some more thoughts and photos from our recent Zimbabwe trip. Two things that still stir in my soul are the extreme poverty and primitive lifestyles. We didn't see much of the extreme hunger scenes like you see on television fundraisers. But poverty was evident. Outside of the clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads, the people where we served had nothing materially speaking.

Here is shot of one of the classrooms our team helped paint.

For those who work in our educational system, take a look at the staff lounge.

Here is a better shot at one of their classrooms. Below it is one of the outdoor blackboards.

The picture below was a common site and represents one of the more luxurious means of transportation.

The class of disabled students appreciated the gifts we brought them. Two of the students are blind. The lady in the picture is Pauline, one of our Campus Crusade hosts.

The kids brought their lunches to school with them. A single fire-cooked corn on the cob is probably the most common lunch.

Or maybe some sugar cane (I believe that is what this is).

One of the most remarkable things I saw was women carrying these buckets on their heads. You won't believe what these particular buckets are filled with. Rocks. That's right. Rocks. Rocks were needed to mix with the mortar used in pouring new floors in the classrooms. The women did their part. They walked back and forth throughout the day with more buckets filled with rocks.

Some of our ladies tried the bucket balancing act--unsuccessfully I should say.

Here is a shot of Dana. She's in her element. Whether it was mingling, singing, or helping the children make their Jesus bracelets, she was an exceptional asset to our team.

Still more later.

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