Thursday, April 10, 2008


First, I want to thank all who showed up for our Town Hall meeting last Monday. We had around 170 present which I think was an excellent turnout. The purpose of the meeting was to explain the vision behind our proposed schedule changes next fall. Originally, we had planned a church-wide meeting for May. But there was a lot of misinformation floating around; so we moved the date up so that the church family could be fully informed.

I thought we had an excellent meeting. We heard concerns ranging from the need for the 30-minute window of fellowship to the difficulty of preschoolers staying at church for that length of time to the future of fundraising dinners on Sunday to the rationale behind 9:00 instead of 8:30.

I've never led a schedule transition that everyone unanimously said, "Praise the Lord. When do we start?" I believe we all can see how adding more time for worship and small groups can enhance our spiritual development. More singing, more opportunities to hear faith stories, more creative elements, more praying, more time for teachers to teach--these are great benefits to the vision.

But altering our accustomed time to get up and be at church on Sunday can be unnerving. As I shared on Monday night, as you pray, seek the face of God. Ponder the thought, "Could God actually be leading us to higher ground? Is He in this proposed changed?" Try to look outside your own preferences to those we are trying to reach for Christ. Believe me, we would never dream of making these changes unless we believed that by doing so we would be positioning ourselves for greater kingdom growth.

Last Monday was a great example of how a church family can come together, hear the vision of the pastor, ask meaningful questions, share concerns, and do all this in a spirit of love, humility, and unity. God does not want this family divided. We share our concerns and then we earnestly pray for God's will to be revealed and accomplished both for the congregation as a whole and for each individual member.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting more info about the vision. Pass the blog link to your fellow members and encourage them to read.

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