Tuesday, April 29, 2008


12. Jereboam recognized the unifying power of genuine worship.

13. True prophets must discern and be cautious against competing voices.

14. God will not tolerate disobedience.

15. Observation: The kings of Judah--a few were godly and effective. The kings of Israel--all were wicked.

16. What an awful legacy King Omri left. He set new records for evil. His was "such an empty-headed, empty-hearted life."

17. The woman had to bring the last of her food to Elijah (symbolic of presenting everything to God) before God multiplied the flour and water.

18. Two details often overlooked in the story of Elijah and Mt. Carmel: the role of Obadiah who had walked with God since a child; and the purpose of the showdown on the mountain was to give the people of Israel a chance to repent.

19. God speaks mostly through the quiet moments.

20. Things were going well for Israel until Ahab took matters in his own hands. Leaders must seek the wisdom of God in everything.

21. Ahab was the most wicked king ever. Yet God responded favorably to his repentance.

22. I love the prophet Micaaiah's words when urged to give a crowd-pleasing response: "As surely as God lives, what God says, I'll say."

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