Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Writing down my thoughts after reading the Scriptures has been a good discipline for me to do day-by-day. Here are some of my gleanings from 2 Kings (by chapters).

  1. Beware of getting counsel from others to the neglect of seeking guidance from the True Counselor.
  2. Elisha's request was that he wanted to be holy just like his mentor Elijah. Could anyone say that he or she wants to be holy just like you?
  3. A common thread in 2 Kings--some kings did some good things; BUT they held on to the wicked ways of their fathers. God expects a clean break. Only total obedience and holiness please Him.
  4. We all know the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. Did you know that Elisha performed a similar miracle with bread and apples?
  5. Naaman, like many people today, thought his money and prestige would be enough to heal him.
  6. The king's anger toward God is typical of many today, especially when disaster strikes. God gets blamed. When bad times come, we have a choice--become bitter or better.
  7. The true prophet of God--his prophecies are completely accurate.
  8. The Chronicles of the Kings of Judah (Israel) are mentioned over and over. These are lost books. Wouldn't it be great to get a hold of these books to learn more of the history of these times? I wonder how much one of those books would go for on Ebay.
  9. Jehu was one cold-blooded dude. He trampled Jezebel under his horse's hooves. Immediately afterwards he went inside and ate lunch.
  10. Jehu had a divided heart. He followed God in some areas but not all areas.
  11. Joash was a fairly decent king. This gives credence to the positive values of being raised in church. He was literally raised in the Temple for six years.
  12. The had counting committees even back then. This committee of honest men was formed because priests were absconding with the money designated for refurbishing the Temple.
  13. Jehoahaz--what an awful life description--"He lived an evil life before God."

I'll do the next half of 2 Kings in the next blog. What are you reading in the Bible these days? What is God saying to you?

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