Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Here are the rest of my takeaways from 1 Chronicles.

15. "Worship wars" is not a new phenomenon.

16. If you want a great example of a prayer of praise, check out chapter 16.

17. No matter how far one may run from God or how deep one may fall into sin, God never removes His gracious love.

18. It is important to give all the credit to God when victories come.

19. We give wedgies today. Back then they cut robes "halfway up their buttocks."

20. David faced more giants than Goliath--one had 24 fingers and toes (6 on each limb).

21. David was in the numbers game for all the wrong reasons. He substitued statistics for trust.

22. I love David's charge to Solomon regarding the building of the Temple: "Courage! Take charge! Don't be timid; don't hold back."

23. Verse 31 has a phrase that "jumped out" at me. The Levites were on "regular duty to serve God." This should be true for all of us.

24. Evidently the role of the worship leader was prominent in Old Testament days.

25. Names and more names of those who served in the worship department.

26. It looks like the Old Testament church had greeters teams and budget/stewardship teams.

27. Maybe one of the reasons David had so many family problems is that he hired others to rear his children (verse 32).

28. David was not an effective father; but he did give great words of wisdom to his son Solomon as he handed him the throne--"Get to know well your father's God."

29. Great chapter--filled with applications. Maybe the best passage in the Bible on sacrificial giving and generosity.

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