Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here are some takeaways from my recent read through 2 Timothy.

1:1--Like Paul, I have a special assignment for Christ. Am I living it out?

1:3--One essential trait of a mentor is that he prays "all the time" for the one he is discipling.

1:6-7--God has given each of us gifts for ministry. It is up to us to keep those gifts active and aflame.

1:9-10--God has saved us and called us--all because of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

1:13-14--God's calling in my life is precioius. I must guard it from anything that would compromise it and make it impotent.

2:1-2--Campus Crusade for Christ drilled these two verses in me as a college student. I'm still passionate about the importance of making disciples.

2:10-13--Whatever my prison may be, I must not let God's Word be in prison. I must use my prison as a platform for witness.

2:14-16--Stay away from Christian nitpicking. Just do the best you can for God.

3:1-5--The characteristics Paul lists describing people in the last days sure sounds like the American people of 2008.

3:12--The one who lives all out for Christ will face trouble for sure.

3:16-17--Why should we read the Bible daily? Look no further than these two verses for an answer.

4:6-8--Paul's famous words at the end of his life--"I've run hard right to the finish." All of us should long to finish well.

4:14-15--Everywhere you go there will be opponents to the work of the Gospel.

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