Thursday, January 22, 2009


Last spring I read slowly through the book of Psalms. It was during the period when church matters weren't going well. People were upset. Some were leaving. It has been the most stressful season of ministry ever for me.

You know, the Psalms are prayers. "Help" and "Thanks" are our two basic prayers and we pray these spontaneously. But honesty and thoroughness don't come as readily. Psalms are not the smooth, polished, poetic prayers we have made them out to be. Especially in the original language, it is obvious that they are raw--honest, passionate prayers to God.

In my journaling through this book, I did something a bit different. After reading each psalm, I wrote a brief prayer to God. One side of me doesn't want to blog these journeys because the prayers are very personal to me. But one of the purposes of a blog is for the writer to be transparent and share the true matters of the heart. Don't get your hopes up for "juicy" stuff. For example, when David prays harm upon his enemies, I don't mention names :-). And as I wrote the prayers, I knew that they probably would be published in internet land. So I kept that in mind as I journaled. So, my prayers went much deeper than what you will read. At the same time, I hope that the personal nature of these prayers will at least give you a glimpse into the struggles of my soul.

Last time I counted there were 150 psalms. I know it will take a bunch of blogs...but I plan to blog every prayer that I wrote during these weeks in this wonderful book of the Bible. They were handwritten. I wanted to type them out anyway. So as I type, I will pass them on to you as well.

  • Psalm 1--Lord, give me the discipline to chew on Your Word day and night so that I can live a fruitful life.

  • Psalm 2--Father, open the eyes of world leaders so that they will recognize that there is a God of this universe who is supreme and carries far more power than they.

  • Psalm 3--Father, even though many forces are attacking, You give me rest each night. And I awake refreshed, knowing that You will fight my battles.

  • Psalm 4--Lord, help me experience your joy in every ordinary day.

  • Psalm 5--O God, it is incredible that you invite me to come into Your house as Your guest.

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