Thursday, February 12, 2009


Here is round 2 on my prayer journey through Psalms:

6. Father, when will you let up? The trials I've been facing have gone on for so long. Give me a breakthrough.

7. Sometimes, Lord, I feel I'm running to you for dear life because of the negative forces that push hard against me.

8. Who am I, Lord, that you would even bother to allow me the privilege to preach Your Word? I am grateful.

9. Thank you, kind God, for providing a safe house when my soul is battered.

10. Father, our nation continues on its moral downward spiral. Do something. Put us on the right track.

11. When times are tough, remind me, O God, that you are in charge.

12. Lord, protect me and my family from those who spread rumors and half-lies and full-blown lies.

13. Father, no matter how difficult my life's challenges are, I want my head to be held high. I want my life to be one answered prayer after another.

14. As I long for a great turnaround at Chapin Baptist, I recognize that you alone are the One who can make that happen.

15. Holy God, shape my character into your likeness so that I can be invited to sit for dinner with you.

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