Thursday, February 19, 2009


16. Father, I know that when I'm not experiencing joy, there must be something wrong with my heart. So please change me from the inside out.

17. Lord, I feel there are many against me. I do not want the same spirit David expressed. Please don't let a root of bitterness come into my heart.

18. Lord, my life made no sense until I placed all the pieces before you. My life is complete. Even when attackers are all around me, You are my bedrock, my castle.

19. How I love my times each day in Your Word. Your Word helps pull my life together, points me down the right path, and shows me the way of joy. Help me start each day afresh.

20. "Everything is going to work out." What a confidence booster, O God. Remind me of this promise every day.

21. Demonstrate Your strength, Lord, so that it will be obvious to all at Chapin Baptist Church that You are alive and working.

22. Who am I to complain about my struggles? Your Son hung on a wooden cross, suffering humiliation and shame. You Yourself turned Your head away from Him because You could not look at the human sin He became.

23. Father, there is so much busyness and stuff going on. Lead me to your lush meadows and quiet pools.

24. Father, I want to climb Your mountain. So give me clean hands and a pure heart.

25. Father, You reminded me this morning that worship is what life is all about. It is Your bulls-eye. May my life today be a gift of worship to You.

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