Wednesday, March 4, 2009


As I continue to post my prayers through each Psalm, remember that these are reflections from my reading through The Message Bible. I believe it was last fall when I read through Psalms and journaled these thoughts. In some, you can see that I'm being uncomfortably transparent.

26. Lord, remind me throughout the day how important it is to bless you.

27. God, You are my Teacher. As I read Your Word, let it completely change the way I think. I want my life to be dominated by God-thoughts.

28. Sometimes it seems you're not listening when I pray. But deep down, I know that's not true. I guess I long to see great things in my timing instead of waiting patiently for your timing.

29. Strength and peace--God, grant both of these to me because fatigue and a troubled heart have been unwelcomed guests lately.

30. Father, turn my nights of crying into days of laughter. Turn my lament into dancing.

31. God, I run to You for dear life. Thank You for hiding me in Your care. Be my guide to lead me through rocky ground.

32. God, thank You for fresh starts, clean slates, dissolved guilt, and constant reminders of Your love.

33. Lord, in the midst of heart-wrenching trials, remind me that You are all that I need. I am depending on You.

34. Wow! God, this psalm makes me feel it was written just for me. From a ministry perspective this disciple is in big trouble. But, still, I know You are with me.

35. Father, David seemed to have a vengeful spirit against those who tried to do him in. Lord, certainly, I want You to be the one in charge of any vengefulness. Don't let bitterness of any kind take root in my heart.

36. God, Your love is beyond measure and greater than I can comprehend. I am eager to run under Your wings.

37. Thank You for Your promises. You promised in this psalm that if I open up completely to You, You'll do whatever needs to be done and that You will validate my life in the clear light of the day. I claim this promise.

38. With some of the struggles going on in the church, this psalm really spoke to me today. There are many who stand in opposition. Lord, I wait for you. I'm so ready for better days. Don't dump me. Act quickly, Lord, so I can see better results of pursuing Your vision.

39. Lord, I'm not bold enough to pray like David did. His prayers seem borderline blasphemous to me. But I confess, I do feel this way at this stage of my journey. Instead of praying, "Give me a break," I pray that You will give me a breakthrough.

40. Lord, I know You can use me. Do Your work through me in ways You've never done before. And, Lord, will you not delay? Breakthrough.

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