Monday, March 9, 2009


Here is part 5 of my prayer journal through Psalms. I handwrote these prayers some months back. I'm passing them on to you to get a glimpse that pastors are human beings also.

41. God, you know everything about me, inside and out. As undeserving as I am, you always allow me to stand tall before You.

42. God, my eyes are fixed on You. The trying days are hard. But I am confident that my smiles will return and that there will be many opportunities for praise.

43. Through this season of trial, Lord, guide me straight to the place of worship so that I can have an encounter with you.

44. Along with the psalmist I also wonder sometimes, God, where you are when I need you the most. In my heart I know You're there. I just wish we could get the season of discord behind us.

45. Lord, may my joy in ministry and in all of life be like that expressed at the grandest of all weddings.

46. Lord, no matter how tough the battle may be, I know I can run into Your loving and protecting arms.

47. When I worship, remind me that I am singing to You and that I should sing with every ounce of my lungs.

48. Lord, may I never lose sight of the vision of reaching the emerging generation with your story.

49. Lord, thank you for the reminder that riches and fame are far overrated, that they are temporary and mean nothing in light of eternity.

50. Lord, this psalm reminds me that You created and own everything, even my offerings to You. What You desire most from me is the sacrifice of praise. Teach me to praise You more.

51. Father, I feel like in the past several weeks my pride has been shattered, which is a good thing (though painful). In my humility I am learning more what it means to truly worship.

52. When I get caught up in ministry stuff, remind me, O God, of Your mercy. May I never lose sight of what Your Son did on the cross.

53. God, shape me into that one man You are looking for, the one who will be totally bent on living out Your purposes.

54. Lord, it grieves me that there are those who oppose me, who desire that I pack my bags and leave. I trust You to handle this situation in such a way to bring the greatest honor to You.

55. With recent pressures, I feel like David wanting some peace and quiet, wanting wings to fly away like a dove. Since I'm unable to get away, Lord, may my times alone with You be the refuge I long for.

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