Thursday, March 19, 2009


Right now my daily readings in the Bible are taking me through Jeremiah (which I will blog eventually). David's psalms and Jeremiah's writings have a lot in common. They hit the extremes of emotions from doom to hope and from depression to joy. I think we all can relate because we are all human just like they were. Here is part 6 in my prayers through Psalms.

56. Father, it is comforting to know that you record every tear that I shed and every toss and turn in my bed.

57. Cover the earth with your glory. Lord, we sing a song in church with those exact words. Please cover Chapin Baptist Church with your glory.

58. Lord, never let me slip into a bitter spirit that wishes harm upon those who seem to oppose me.

59. Father, you are powerful enough to bring healing and resolution. You are dependable. I can count on You. I'm watching You because the battle is Yours.

60. I admit, Lord, that I've had the same question David had: "You aren't giving up on us, are You?" Please don't. Turn Your church around.

61. Just as David prayed for long years of good kingship, I pray that you will still provide me with many more years of effective leadership at Chapin Baptist.

62. God, I know where my help comes from. It comes from You and You alone.

63. Father, when I'm in our weekly worship, help me drink in your strength and glory and not be so caught up in all the professionalism of ministry.

64. O God, forgive me for allowing difficult circumstances to turn me into a "doomsday" pessimism. When I start feeling this way, prompt me to praise You, for in praise I will regain a positive heart.

65. Lord, I've been so busy and caught up in the pressures of the season. Help me discipline myself to take some time for silence because silence is a form of praise.

66. Thank You, Father, for being the God who listens when I pray. Even though sometimes it seems that answers are a long time coming, I know You're listening.

67. God, would you please smile upon Chapin Baptist Church? Mark us with Your grace and blessing.

68. God, reading this psalm reminds me that You are in complete control of this universe. You are in charge of the nations, you are in charge of Chapin Baptist Church, and You are in charge of my life. I am in good hands.

69. Father, may Your church never stumble because of me. Please rebuild Your work at Chapin Baptist.

70. God, You are mighty. You are mighty. You are mighty. When it seems You are absent, remind me of this eternal truth.

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