Thursday, April 30, 2009


This one and one more....I believe!

121. God remind me that strength and help do not come from the church. It comes from You. You are my guardian, my strength, and my protector.

122. May every Sunday at Chapin Baptist be a day filled with joy among Your people.

123. Lord, sometimes I feel that we have been kicked around. God, display your mercy. To You alone do we look for help.

124. Father, thank You for not abandoning us. I long for the grip that has been on Chapin Baptist to be broken. Set us free like birds in flight.

125. Lord, may my trust in You be like a rock-solid mountain that will not move.

126. God, restore happiness to Your people. Bring rain to our drought-stricken lives. May we once again be the positive talk of the community.

127. Lord, thank You for Kenny, Kevin, and Tyler. You have given Anita and me three special gifts. Watch over them. Use them for Your kingdom. May they always walk with God.

128. Lord, You have given me a good life. You've blessed me with an excellent wife and three wonderful sons. Now You've added two beautiful daughters-in-law. May I enjoy these blessings to the fullest.

129. Lord, recently I have felt kicked around. But with Your power and presence I know that these circumstances cannot keep me down.

130. Lord, there have been points in my recent journey that I feel the bottom has fallen out of my life. Forgiving God, God who redeems, I wait upon You. Have mercy.

131. Lord, thank You for the quiet You provide my soul when the waters are troubled. I know I need to be content in good times and bad. But, Lord, I'm not content with where Chapin Baptist is today. And I don't believe You are either. Stir among us, O God.

132. Father, there may be no greater promise than the one You gave to David when You told him one of his blood line will always sit on the throne. But your promises to me are just as true and valid.

133. Unity is a beautiful thing that brings great honor to You. God, please restore this unity to Your church at Chapin Baptist.

134. Lord, it is hard to imagine the way we bless You could ever match how You bless us. But elevate our worship to the point that every participant is bringing a blessing to You.

135. Lord, each morning as I walk outside to get the paper, I look up and witness Your greatness. Whether clouds or a sky full of stars, they all testify just how magnificent You are.

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