Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Beginning with Psalm 71, here is the continuation of my prayer journal through each chapter of Psalms.

71. God, don't turn me out to pasture when I am old. As I approach the retirement years, keep me fresh. Make my vision strong. Give me joy and energy in serving You.

72. Give me a heart for the poor and down and out. May I see underresourced people as You see them.

73. Lord, when my mind is cloudy and I'm not seeing the big picture...when I'm jealous of those who seem to have it made...may my worship experience in Your house be a fresh encounter with You every week.

74. Father, You own the day and You own the night. You own Chapin Baptist Church. Please make Yourself known in a powerful way.

75. May Your presence and power at Chapin Baptist be so manifested that Your works are all people talk about.

76. Lord, I know You watch my every move. So, keep me close to you in all I say, think, and do.

77. Father, sometimes I feel like Asaph and wonder if You've left me hanging out to dry...if you've shelved me. But deep in my heart I know better and remind myself that You're still in charge and doing well.

78. Father, thank You that my three sons all have a personal relationship with Christ. May they pass on the faith to their children and grandchildren. Produce through my family many generations of faithful leaders for the kingdom.

79. "Pull us out of this what You're famous for doing." Father, that's my prayer also.

80. Father, smile Your blessings upon the people of Chapin Baptist Church.

81. Father, I long to sit at Your table and feast on your freshly baked bread that is spread with butter and rock-pure honey.

82. God, everything belongs to You and You have the whole world in Your hands.

83. Lord, sometimes I feel like there are those who want to see Chapin Baptist fail and that people snicker and gossip when the name Chapin Baptist comes up. Lord, make Yourself known to the community through CBC.

84. Lord, may every experience I have in Your house of worship be such a fresh encounter with Christ that I wouldn't swap it for a 7-day cruise.

85. Lord, give Chapin Baptist a fresh start with winds of Your blessings. Restore a spirit of laughing and singing.

86. What a fresh, upbeat, positive way to start my morning, O Lord. You are awesome. There is none like You. This day, I put my full trust in You.

87. May we see the day, Lord, when the word is out that people are getting saved and lives are being transformed at Chapin Baptist Church.

88. Lord, for some months it seems that you have been silent. I don't understand why because I have sought to follow Your will. When will You breakthrough?

89. Lord, no matter what my circumstances are, I want to sing of Your love and tell everyone how faithful You are.

90. Father, may Your loveliness rest upon us. Give us affirmation that we are following You. Confirm Your work through us.

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