Thursday, April 2, 2009


I know you've heard the truism, "You're either in a season of trials, coming out of a season of trials, or getting ready to head into some trials." When I did my prayer journal through Psalms some months back, I was certainly smack in the center of a season of trials. Today, I believe I'm coming out of the season. Why do I tell you this? As a reminder that my prayer journal reflects what was going on in my life some months back. Here is Part 8.

91. God, I trust in you completely for my protection. You promised to care for me, rescue me, and even throw a party for me. God, may it be! Thank You.

92. God, thank You that I can fall asleep at night thinking of your faithfulness. And when my alarm goes off, may I awake each morning with praise and thanksgiving to You.

93. God, you rule from on high. The storm winds and rains of Ike are nothing compared to Your powerful arm.

94. Where would I be without You, O God? When life is tough, calm me down and cheer me up.

95. Creator of this great universe, God who set the bright moon in the sky and brought a fresh cool morning, I bow before You in worship.

96. Wow! Great Psalm, Father. You enjoy hearing new songs. There aren't enough praises that are adequate to describe just how great You are. How I need to tell everyone in Chapin and to the ends of the earth all about Your wonders.

97. God, You rule. And that's worth shouting about!

98. Lord, with all the bad going on in our world, I trust Your promises that one day You will set things right.

99. Obama, McCain, Gates, Turner, Bryant, Manning, Jeter--pretty big names. But You, O God, tower above them all.

100. Lord, may my approach to worship (as well as every member of CBC) be filled with laughter, singing, praise, and thanksgiving.

101. Lord, I feel the frustration of David. How long before You show up? Although my sin is great, I'm doing the best I can.

102. Lord, Your timing, although it baffles me, is always perfect. You are sovereign over everything. Long after I'm dead and gone, CBC will be thriving. Still, Lord, I cry out for a quick return to spiritual vitality and growth at Chapin Baptist.

103. O God, there is so much to praise and thank you for--you saved me and forgave me. You know me inside and out. Your love is everlasting. You are sheer mercy and grace.

104. Lord, you know I'm not a good singer. But let me sing to you as long as I live. And may my singing be pleasing to You.

105. Father, Your hand was upon the people of Israel. No matter what happened, Your plans could not be thwarted. Your hand remains upon Your church. May Chapin Baptist be a strategic part of Your kingdom plan.

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